CBG-MEB   - Medicines Evaluation Agency Netherlands

KOAG/KAG   - Selfregulation System for medical and health claims Netherlands

NEPROFARM   - Dutch OTC Association

NPN   - Dutch Health Food Association

NVF     - Dutch Society for Phytotherapy

NZVT    - Netherlands Doping Security System Food Supplements

RIVM   - National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

NVWA   - Dutch Food Safety Authority



ABC    - American Botanical Council

AHPA   - American Herbal Products Association

EC   - European Commision

EFSA  - European Food Safety Authirity

EHPM   - European Federation of Associations of Health Products Manufacturers

EMEA    - European Medicines Agency (not 15-18 June, see Note)

ESCOP   - European Scientific Cooperative On Phytotherapy

IADSA   - International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplements Associations

IPA   - International Probiotics Association

SNE   - Specialised Nutrition Europe (Parnuts) (former IDACE)

Note: The EMA website is  temporarily unavailable from 15 to 18 June 2018

All European Medicines Agency (EMA) information technology (IT) systems will be temporarily unavailable from 18:00 on Friday 15 June to 6:00 on Monday 18 June 2018 (UK time), due to an essential exercise to test the Agency’s IT systems.  
The EMA product emergency hotline and phone number for notifying EMA of suspected quality defects or product recalls will operate as usual during this period. A holding page will display the details of these emergency contact numbers while the EMA public website is unavailable.