Update  6 November 2023



Expert in regulatory & marketing aspects of food supplements and botanical supplements.
Consultant for creative and innovative solutions for selling food supplements within the Netherlands and from the Netherlands into the EU.

  • Food / Dietary Supplements
  • Health Food, Dietary Supplements, Vitamin and Mineral products, Nutraceuticals, Sports supplements
  • Herbal Products / Botanicals / Botanical supplements
  • Super foods and Raw foods

  • Check if products (ingredients, product name and claims) can be sold in the Netherlands / EU
  • Check of health and nutrition claims (1924/2006/EC, 432/2012 etc.) for vitamins and minerals and the still allowed (on hold) claims for botanical ingredients
  • Label texts in line with all EU/Dutch regulations
  • Allowed active substances in food supplements within food law / Novel Food
  • Checking if herbal ingredients are allowed (Novel Food, pharmacological aspects, BELFRIT, safety) in the EU and NL
  • Quality aspects like HACCP, based on a complete and simple HACCP system for distributors and webshops in the EU

    Rivendell / Theo van Rooij has more than 30 years of regulatory experience in the foodsupplement and herbal business!
    Send your request by email incl. all specifications of the product so that Rivendell can send you a quote. If necessary a NDA can be signed.